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Anti - collision Flasher
 A201 : Anti - collision Flasher
 A202 : Anti - collision Flasher (small type)
Product Details    

A201 Anti - collision   Flasher
A202 Anti - collision   Flasher (small type)


  Anti collision flasher for model airplanes  
HIGH SKY Pulse flasher.
Make your scale plan look like the real thing.
Ease to install.    Adjustable brightness.
Use Lamps and LED'.  Connect up to 8 lights.
 Does not interfere with RC equipment
  Operation : 
 Connect the flasher to a battery 4~15 volt.
 Check if the LED on the circuit board is flashing.
 Turn Pluse duration control all the way counterclockwise for short flash.
 Now the flash appear darker. Connect the lamp on the picture.
 Pulse adjustment. The brighter the flash the shorter is the life of the lamp.
 Reduce the brightness for the night flying to reduce a chance of a burnout in darkness.
 Also use more than 1 bulb for night flying.
 Replacement bulbs for Christmas lights work best with 15V.
 Red is for left side of the boat, Green for the right side.
 It is also possible to use LED.  Plus side is longer.