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LiPo Battery Balancer Guard - V
 B103 : LiPo Battery Balancer Guard - V
Product Details    


       Li-po Balancer & Charge Guard - V


The Balancer & Guard is fully featured and PULG & PLAY connection to Li-ploy pack and works with any type of Li-polymer charger. It is also specially designed with an advanced accurate micro-computer chip that scans each cells condition and determines what the pack is needed for the best reconditioning. If one or more cells are charged over 4.35 V, while charging, the Balancer-Guard will cut off input charge circuitry and balance to prevent accidentally expose while charging Li-polymer batteries. The Balancer Guard bypasses charge current any cell(s) are over charged or imbalanced. It is truly associated with balancer and safety charge guard system for the best safety for Li-poly battery. Please read carefully to correct use.


Features :

     Easy connection 2-5 cells in series pack

     Operating with any Li-polymer charger

     Automatically bypass charge current if any cell over charged or imbalanced.                 

     Individual cell LED display while bypass charge

     Full balanced charge LED display(it can be monitor charger condition)

     Operating form 2S to 5S Li-poly packs

     Over charge warning LED display

     Over charge protection circuitry

     Error Connection warning.

Basic Specifications :

     Input power: 50V max

    Charge control current 6 Amps

     Bypass Current: 300mA Max/ cell

       Cell configuration: Auto cell detect in series

  Balance control type: Active and shunt automatically control

     Overcharge protection voltage: 4.35V +/- 0.01V

     Protection release voltage: imbalance voltage lower than +/- 0.02V

     Imbalance control: 0.01V

     Full indicator: 4.18V/cell and imbalance 0.01V

A: How to use with charger :

   1.  Connect Li-poly pack to the Balancer-Guard

        a.   2S, 3S, 4S or 5S: Use 2S, 3S,4S or 5S adapter connector as shown picture

        b.  Error LED begins flash if incorrect matching connector used.

   2.  Wait for 2-3 seconds then, verify number of ON CELL LED(s) with pack.

   3.  Connect input wire to charger (RED[+],Black[-])

   4.  Start charge.

5.        Cells in a pack should be balanced when the charge is completed: (FULL LED should be solid

ON if all cells are fully charged over 4.18V and balancing is completed.(This LED could be

slowly ON/OFF at the edge of full level) 

6.        Wait until all connected CELL LEDs are turned off to last minute balancing (it is not necessary

 every charge cycle).

   7.  Remove 5PIN connector from Li-poly Pack

B: When flash  ERORR LED while charging (Over charge cut-off)

It is a warning message that charge is safely disconnected from charger caused by one or more cells are reached to 4.35V (It is possibility happens that the pack is extremely imbalanced or incorrect charge settings),

Simply do following steps to reconditioning and balancing pack.

   1.  STOP charge or Remove input wire from charger.

   2.  Wait until all connected CELL LED(s) are turned off.

   3.  Remove 5 pin connector form Li-poly pack and Plug-in again 

   4.  Connect input wire to charger(make sure check charge settings are correct)

   5.  Start charge (0.1A -0.5A charge current recommended according to pack capacity).


C: Precautions in use

   1.  Do not make a short circuitry input or output wires.

   2.  Use dry and cool environment

   3.  Do not use a unattended

   4.  Do not modify any wire configuration in a pigtail; adaptors.

   5.  Always keep clean connectors and carefully handle all the connectors.

   6.  Remove Balancer/Guard connector form Li-poly pack after fully balanced pack.


D: ERROR LED troubleshooting

1.       ERROR LED fast Flash while plug-in pack: check number of cell in a pack or matching pigtail adaptor  

2.        ERROR LED fast Flash while charging: Over charge cut off is activated.

(Follow above [B] to reconditioning pack)