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mini RX-Power Switch
 B403 : mini RX-Power Switch
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B403 : mini RX-Power Switch
The DYMOND RX-powerswitch is an electronic switch with a powerful integrated BEC
for use with two-cell LiPo battery packs.
The switch provides a low voltage control for the connected LiPo pack,
that outputs a visual and audible signal as the battery pack gets empty.
    Linear BEC without any switching noise
    3-stage low voltage warning
    Extremely low power consumption in the off state (only 0.047 mA)
    Nominal input voltage: 7.4 V, 2-cell LiPo, max. 9 V
    Output voltage: 6 V
    Rated current: 5.0 A continuous current at then 5 V output voltage
    Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 12 mm
    Dimensions for mounting hole: 21 x 10 mm, 12 mm mounting depth
    Weight: 10 g
Low voltage warning:
    Below 7.0 V: Slow sound and flash frequency
    Below 6.6 V: Medium Speed sound and flash frequency
    Below 6.0 V: Rapid Tone and flash frequency



B403 mini RX-Power Switch