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LIPO Battery for RX Series
 5V-1700mAh - RX : LIPO Battery 5.0V-1700mAh(4s) for RX receiver
 6V-1700mAh - RX : LiPo Battery 6.0V-1700mAh(4s) for RX receiver
 850mAh - 3.7V : LiPo Battery (HD:High Power) 3.7V- 850mAh
Product Details    

High Power Series with regulator for RX receiver               

  1. Voltage :   3.7 V
  2. Voltage of Max charge condition : 4.2V
  3. Cut-off Voltage of Discharge :  2.75V  

  4. Spec of single cell:
              Dimension(mm), weight(g),         Max Discharge
                     T    W   L     Weight(g)    Continuous     Burst
   850mAh   7.2  30  48     19.5          15C(12.8A)    20C(17.0A)

LiPo Battery  5.0V-1700mAh(4s) with 5V regulator for RX receiver
LiPo Battery  6.0V-1700mAh(4s) with 6V regulator for RX receiver